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What is the 2045 Horizon Plan? 

The 2045 Horizon Plan and process to update the plan considers a comprehensive set of issues while expressing the values and aspirations of the community. The plan is grounded in land use but also connects to other key issues.  Though the 2045 Horizon Plan will be a single document, like the 2030 Horizon Plan, it is expected it will recognize the diversity of locations and character across the breadth of Iredell County. 

Why does Iredell County need the 2045 Horizon Plan? 

The planning process allows the community to come together to set a direction for the future and pursue Couty goals and vision. The plan guides future land use and other policy decisions. The sound planning of the 2030 Horizon Plan has helped Iredell navigate the past decade and the 2045 Horizon plan will help the County understand new opportunities. The plan is a common point of reference for elected decisionmakers, the public, development applicants, and County staff.   

The Horizon Plan also serves as Iredell County’s comprehensive plan: a document legally required of all North Carolina jurisdictions that exercise zoning authority.(N.C.G.S. Ch.160D) 

How does IT fit with other County planning tools? 

The Horizon Plan is a guiding document. The plan sets direction but it is other tools such as the County Unified Development Ordinance that have the force of law, and are often revised to align with updated plans. Staff and elected decisionmakers may implement new or adjusted programs based on the Horizon Plan guidance. The Horizon Plan can even serve as a framework for additional future plans, such as strategic plans that focus on short term goals, capital improvement plans that direct spending, or small area land use plans that focus on one particular location in more depth. 

Who is involved in the planning process? 

The public will provide comments generally on the vision and goals that direct the course of the project and specifically on the text of the draft plan.  

The Board of Commissioners will provide direction and vote on the final approved version of the plan, ensuring the plan is grounded in the will of County constituents.  

The Planning Board will provide recommendations at key milestones and is represented on the steering committee.  

A steering committee of residents selected by the Board of Commissioners is helping to provide local insight and guide the drafting of the plan.  

County staff  is involved at all phases of update and will provide key guidance on local information procedures and the day to day use of the current plan. 

Consultants Clarion Associates and Rose & Associates with experience drafting comprehensive and land use plans across the state and region will assist in the production of the updated Horizon Plan.  

How long is the planning process? 

The process officially kicked of with the public in Fall of 2022 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

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